The Ohnana™ Festival Tent

The Ohnana Festival Tent
is the perfect tent for all you festival lovers. With our special designed 170T double layered polyester and reflective coatings we can guarantee that anyone can have the perfect night sleep so they can enjoy their next do to the fullest. The Ohnana keeps the heat and light out and keeps the person inside cool. That is why the Ohnana is the coolest tent around.

For all our customers that don't have a credit card we have set up pre-orders with:
- iDeal
- MisterCash
- PayPal

Ohnana - The coolest tent for festival lovers

With the Ohnana we developed a tent that stays up to 13°C / 24°F cooler than conventional tents. Forget about turning in early because of the prospect of an early wake-up call form the scorching sun. now you can stay out, make memories and maximize your festival experience.


The Ohnana production run is planned to be finished mid-July.

We will be packing all tents from our Kickstarter and website pledges and send them out for delivery after both the production and the Kickstarter campaign is finished. We are doing our best to get your Ohnana tent delivered by the end of July.

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