Setting up your Ohnana

Setting up the Ohnana Rayve is a breeze, let's go through the process:

Step 1 Unpack your Ohnana, then spread out the inner tent

Unpack your Ohnana bag
The inner tent laid out

Step 2 Raise the tent by attaching the two tent poles to the four corners of the inner tent. Now, clip the two poles and the inner tent together

Insert the poles to the inner tent’s rings
clip on the inner tent to the poles
Don’t forget to tie the top of the poles together!

Step 3 Clip on the flysheet to the inner tent and tighten the four straps, then open the airgaps. Push in the pegs to secure the tent

Tighten the straps to secure the outer tent
Open up the two airgaps using the velcro pillar
Push in the pegs at a 45 degree angle to ensure they stay in properly 

One important caveat: do not to overstress the tent by tightening the straps too much. You risk ripping the flysheet fabric or pressuring the zipper rail so much that it stops working. Making sure the door is not pulled apart helps keeping closing and opening the flysheet door smoothly. You can do this by keeping the seams on the side of the door

Seam Incorrect (Left) & Seam Correct (Right)

Seam location

Now you're all set! Don't forget to attach the guy ropes on windy days. We prefer not to use them on festival camping grounds unless the weather requires it - you'll prevent people from tripping over them and hurting themselves or damaging your tent! 




How to pack up your Ohnana Tent