Set Up & Break Down Instructions

Pitching up your Ohnana: it's a breeze!

Setting up the Ohnana Rayve is about as simple as it gets. Let's go through the process:

Step 1: Unpack your Ohnana and spread out the inner tent

Unpacking an Ohnana Tents

The inner tent laid out

Step 2: Raise the tent by attaching the two tent poles to the four corners of the inner tent. Then connect the two poles and the flysheet together

Step 3: Attach the flysheet to the inner tent, tightening the straps once all four sides are clipped on, then open the airgaps

tightening the outer tent straps

How to close the airgaps


Step 4: Hammer in the tent's pegs at a 45 degree angle and attach the included guyropes (optional)

 Tent pegs in the ground