Privacy Statement

We need certain personal data when you are using our products, website or when you interact with us through social media. This privacy statement is used to provide a transparent picture on the use of this data and your rights concerning this matter. Ohnana Tents will use the utmost caution when dealing with your personal data and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 and the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG) (for Dutch citizens). Because we are a fast developing startup in an equally fast moving environment it is of key importance that our privacy statement remains relevant. Therefore this privacy statement can be updated at any time. It might be a good idea to check this page regularly to stay up-to-date.

What personal data does Ohnana Tents collect?

Ohnana Tents processes personal data. According to the Dutch AVG personal data constitutes “all information about an identified or identifiable person”, meaning all data directly or indirectly retraceable you as an individual. When buying products on our store or participating in sales/ discount actions etc. we might process your email address, name, address, place or residence, phone number, bank account number, sex and date of birth. Other collected information might be whether you have paid your orders, any information you have shared in an online questionnaire. 


As a visitor to our website some personal data is also processed, such as information you submit on the contact page or webshop, such as email addresses, your name, address, current place of residence, current location or telephone number.

Social Media

On social media any information you provice through reactions might be processed. This can mean personal data on your contact page on the platform itself, like your email address, name, address, current place of residence, or a phone number.

What’s the purpose of this data collection?

Providing services

Ohnana Tents processes personal data in order to provide services, such as answering questions, processing complaints, creating and sending invoices and communicating in a language applicable to you.

By using our website, you agree to allow third parties to process your IP address, in order to determine your location for the purpose of currency conversion. You also agree to have that currency stored in a session cookie in your browser (a temporary cookie which gets automatically removed when you close your browser). We do this in order for the selected currency to remain selected and consistent when browsing our website so that the prices can convert to your (the visitor) local currency


Ohnana Tents processes information mostly in order to communicate through email. Order or shipping conformations but also related products and services. You are free to unsubscribe from any promotional content at any time.

Marketing & Sales

Upon the creation of an account we ask you to receive information on similar products or services from Ohnana Tents, products and services from third parties and if we can use your personal data to profile and subsequently send information aimed at you specifically. You are free to opt out of these emails at any moment. To be clear, we do not sell your personal data to third parties to be used in marketing activities.

Analyses & (Marketing)Research

We can use your personal data to do research and analyze the collected data in order to improve the products and services of Ohnana Tents. We may also ask you to voluntarily participate in a customer questionnaire that helps identify how we can improve our products and services. It is up to you whether you want to participate in said research or not.


Ohnana Tents collects personal data of its customers in order to statistically analyze and make reports. On basis of these reports decisions are made, products and services are evaluated and the effectiveness of campaigns is analyzed. Aggregated customer data is used to create such reports, meaning that no information of individuals is used, but instead information of certain groups as a whole is observed – these groups can be split based on age etcetera.

Contact with users/ customers

When you contact Ohnana Tents by phone, email, social media, chat or in any other matter, your personal data may be registered. In this way Ohnana Tents can see if you have contacted us previously and what subject this earlier interaction concerned. Think of questions about our products or services, complaints, invoices and payments. This information can improve our ability to help you.


Ohnana Tents can, on the basis of certain laws or rules, be forced to process your data and/or share it with third parties. This may be when, for example, a police force requests such action in relation to a criminal investigation


Ohnana Tents uses cookies when offering it’s services and products online.

Security Of Your Personal Data

Ohnana Tents uses applicable technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data against situations like: loss of data, destruction or damaging of data, unauthorized acces of data or any other form of unlawful processing of personal data. The use of usernames and passwords is one way of achieving this security. In this way, employees of Ohnana Tents do not have access to your individual data.

Duration of datacollection

We save your data for as far as this is necessary for our goals and no longer than is legally acceptable. The actual duration in which we save your data can differ per type of data.

Usage of third party services

Ohnana Tents uses several third party services. This happens only if this company can guarantee discrete use of your data. Examples of this are Shopify Apps: applications which are used to effectively run an E-commerce website, or marketing-tools, such as mail-services and other SAAS or online applications.

Does Ohnana Tents sell personal information?

Ohnana Tents does not sell private information to third parties. Ohnana Tents can, on the basis of certain laws or rules, be forced to process your data and/or share it with third parties. This may be when, for example, a police force requests such action in relation to a criminal investigation

How can I influence your datacollection?

As an individual you have the right to look into, limit, correct or delete your personal data as collected by Ohnana Tents.


You may observe your personal data and receive a copy of said data.


You may have your personal data corrected in the case of wrongful attribution or incompleteness.


You may request to delete collected personal data. This will be honored in the following cases: because your data is no longer needed for the purpose of which they were collected (to process orders, for example), because you reinvoke your agreement to use said data, or because the data is wrongfully recorded or in occurrence of lawful intervention.

Limiting data-processing

You have the right to limit the amount of data by requesting us to do so. This request will be honored in the following cases: during the period in which the factuality of personal data is scrutinized, in case the processing of your data is proven to be wrongful but you do not want the data to be completely deleted, in case Ohnana Tents no longer needs the data but you do yourself because of lawful obligations and when you have made a complaint against the processing of data but are still awaiting response. (this means requesting to ‘lock up’ your data temporarily with the goal of limiting processing of your data in the future)

Transferring Data

You have the right to transfer your personal data. You can request a copy of your personal data. The data will be supplied in a structured manner (in an excel file, for example). This is true only when the processing of data is permitted.

Objection to processing of data

You have the right to, under any circumstance: object to the processing of your personal data on the grounds of some common good or under public administration’s authority if Ohnana Tents has been forced to do so and in case the processing of data is necessary to look after the lawful needs of Ohnana Tents or a third-party, when your personal needs supersede said needs.

When your personal data is used to for direct marketing purposes you are in the right to object against this processing of your personal data as well as the profiling that is applied in direct marketing.

If you want to use one of your rights, please request to do so by email to Please contain “personal data privacy request” in the title. You will receive a response within four weeks. You can also fill in the form here.