Mountain Camping Tips

Mountain camping

Some of the most rewarding and awesome places to camp are often also the places which require a little more effort. From amazing views to interesting wildlife, mountain camping never disappoints. The difficulty of mountain camping comes in a few different ways. First: it’s harder to reach than most other places. Second: when you are used to living near sea level, higher altitudes can cause problems. Third: weather can be very unpredictable within mountain ranges. Of course there are ways to prepare best for these circumstances, we wrote the most important ones down below.

  1. Where to camp: Always try to find a spot on the leeward (luwte) side of the mountain. The weather will be milder here because the influence of the peak will often break down clouds.
  2. Battling altitude: Bananas and water are the secret ingredients here. On a high altitudes it’s important to keep your electrolyte levels up and to stay hydrated.
  3. Battling wind: Compared to sea level there will often be more wind on a mountain side, leeward side or not. Bring extra stakes and rope, because things you normally wouldn’t tie down, you might have to now. 
  4. Battling sun: You are high and dry, which means the sun is stronger and your skin is less resistant. Always bring sunscreen or lotion to protect the more sensitive parts of you skin. For example face and neck. Even in the winter you will still burn on higher altitudes.


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