Holiday Camping tips

Holiday camping

Holiday camping can be seen as the easiest form of camping. You go to a designated camping area where toilets and showers are available, where often you have electricity outputs and where there’s plenty of activities organized by the camping staff. But even though nature is not going to be a real challenge here, there’s plenty of other things you have to keep in mind to make them most out of it.

  1. What campsite: Book  a campsite according to your needs. Are you bringing an animal? Do you want showers on site? Is barbecuing allowed? Is it a family friendly camping? Is there a bar nearby?
  2. Buying: Camping gear can be pretty expensive so make sure to buy it off season. Also make sure to see your tent pitched before you buy it.
  3. Pitching the tent: After buying the tent, pitch it at home so you know how to do it. It can take some time to get the hang of it, something you don’t want to figure out at the campsite.
  4. The pitch: One of the most important things of camping is the pitch itself. Especially with holiday camping because people tend to stay in one place for a few weeks. Make sure its flat, there’s no rocks, it’s not too close to a stream (flooding) or under trees (falling branches).
  5. Direction: First: face the front of the tent away from the wind. Second: depending on what sort of campsite you’re on, don’t face the door right to your neighbors but favorably towards nature.
  6. Packing: Put some care in folding and rolling the tent because it will be a real challenge to put in in the bag if you don’t. Last but not least, to prevent molding make sure the tent is dry when you pack it.

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