Forest camping tips

Forest camping

With plenty of stunning forest campsites or wild camp spots to be found where ever you go, forest camping is becoming more and more popular. Forest camping gives you the opportunity to camp among nature and wildlife. But of course every camping destination has its own challenges. What they are and how to battle them you say? We wrote the most important ones down for you.  

  1. The tent: As there is wildlife in most forest areas you should take this into account when buying a tent. For the Leisure campers: buy a tent with bright colours to scare of unwanted animals. Are you looking to get close to wildlife? Of course get something more camouflaged.
  2. Sleeping: For any kind of camping: don’t underestimate how cold it can get. Do some proper research and prepare accordingly. Decent sleeping bags are almost never a luxury.
  3. First Aid: Pack a first aid kit. Although this is always good to have, when camping in a forest there’s a multitude of ways where it can come in handy. Splinters, insect bites, allergic reactions, snake bites, etc.
  4. Directions: Bring a compass. When deep in a forest, everything can look very similar and the canopy can prevent you from seeing the sun. Once your lost its hard to find your bearings.  
  5. Insects: Bring anything insect protection related! These little bastards can really mess up an otherwise awesome camping trip.
Ohnana tent in the Forest