Cooling Performance

How does it work?

The Ohnana Tent uses a special aluminium coating which reflects up to 90% of sunlight. The coating prevents the tent from absorbing infrared light, which is the light frequency responsible for heating up your tent to uncomfortable temperatures. Of course, we can’t put all the blame on the sun; you are responsible for your tent heating up as well! Additional heat radiates from you and your camping companion’s bodies. This is why we use airgaps and the Ohnana Fan to dispense as much of the generated heat as possible.

How much cooler is it?

The Ohnana Tent stays much cooler than conventional tents: at an ambient temperature of 25 ºC or 77ºF regular tents will heat up to 41ºC or 105ºF, while the Ohnana stays a comfortable 27ºC or 80ºF. Below you scan see a graph showing measurements we did on a regular summer day. The red line - representing an expensive regular tent - quickly heats up immediately after sunrise. On the other hand, the Ohnana stays much closer to the outside temperature. The exact difference is dependent on the climate you camp in: the warmer it gets, the bigger the difference the Ohnana will make!


Temperature measurements: the Ohnana stays up to 14 degrees Celsius Cooler!

It may be hard to interpret all these measurements. Think of it this way: normal tents work much like a mini-sauna, where both your body and the sun’s heat make the inside temperature rise to scorching levels. The Ohnana Rayve does not feature active cooling, like a refrigerator or AC-unit, but reflects and dissipates the heat through airgaps. As a result, sleeping in the Ohnana is more similar to sleeping outside in the shadow than to sleeping in a normal tent. 
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