Desert Camping Tips

Desert Camping 

Camping in the desert does require some extra preparation compared to camping in the forest or on grass fields. These five tips will make sure you are well prepared for your festival or camping trip: 

  1. Pegs/stakes: Festivals like Burning Man are held on a very dry and rocky surface. Regular pegs or even sand stakes do not suffice. We highly recommend to order a separate set of lag screws to help secure your tent.

  2. Tarp and Bungees: Bringing a medium sized tarp with you gives you a place to sit outside in the shade.

  3. Dust masks: Depending on where you stay, dust storms may occur every now and then. A dust mask allows you to walk around without being confined inside.

  4. Ziplock bags of different sizes:  Bag up your valuables. Sand gets everywhere. In your clothing, underwear, food, electronics, you name it - sand you will find.

  5. Tape: Never underestimate the power of some quality duct tape! 


Ohnana Tent in the Desert